Chelsea’s Kitchen – Phoenix, AZ

by Gary Weinberg on July 11, 2009

012You know every once and while I get a hankering for some good old fashioned comfort food.  OK, maybe not once and a while, maybe it’s almost all the time. Just give me a burger, some fries, an iced tea and I’m good to go. Chelsea’s is pretty good eating.  Yep, it’s a nice upscale approach to American comfort food.  Wait a minute, did someone say the word “upscale?”  Sure did. You’re probably wondering what is an upscale place like this is doing on Good Greasy Eats right?  We’re versatile.  It’s upscale but they keep it simple. Simple menu, nice specials,  and a good casual atmosphere.

Their menu includes a few burgers, salads, some good appetizers, and most interesting grilled swordfish tacos. Today I was feeling like a burger. That’s usually how I roll. I went with the Howie burger, a half pound burger with Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and a hint of Dijon mustard. My dining companion had the prime rib French dip. The service was really good, they kept our iced teas full, and the food came out quickly. It was a hell of a good burger; cooked medium just the way ordered it.  The Gruyere gave it a nice nutty kick and the caramelized onions added some awesome sweetness to the burger.  The fries were great too; they had a seasoning on them that tasted a little like the BBQ potato chip seasoning but it wasn’t overpowering.  I tried my dining companion’s French dip and it was Chelsea's Howie Burgerfantastic as well.  The prime rib was served medium rare which I happen to like.  the meat was shaved very thin and just seemed to melt in your mouth.

Any Cons?  Well, maybe.  I think that $12 for a burger is a little overpriced, but I expected that at an upscale trendy place.  French DipI usually try to avoid anywhere trendy, but overall I was happy with Chelsea’s kitchen.  We couldn’t decide if we wanted the Red Velvet Cake or the Chocolate Destruction for dessert.  We went with the Chocolate destruction which was a mouse based cake with an Oreo crust.  Not bad.  It was also a little overpriced though at $8.  That made it a little disappointing.  I could get a better piece of cake elsewhere for cheaper. All in all, I liked Chelsea’s Kitchen and will give it a return visit, maybe I’ll try those swordfish tacos next time.  We will chalk this up to some decent comfort food.

Chelsea’s KitchenChocolate Destruction
5040 N. 40th St
Phoenix, AZ 85018
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