Pamela’s – Pittsburgh, PA

by Gary Weinberg on August 23, 2009

PamelasPancakes! Pancakes! And more Pancakes! It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – I whole heartedly agree with that statement, nothing gets you moving like a good old fashioned greasy breakfast (especially after a night of drinking). While staying in Pittsburgh I asked around for the best cheap breakfast in the city, and received multiple recommendations for Pamela’s. In fact, when President Obama visited Pittsburgh he stopped at Pamela’s, and enjoyed it so much that he had the owners cater a White House event. But what does he know? It was time to put Pamela’s to the Good Greasy Eats test.

Pamela’s has 6 locations in the Pittsburgh area, I visited the location on Walnut Street in the Shadyside area. I liked the inside, Pittsburgh Aug 09 023it had that classic 50′s diner feel, checkered floor and everything. I went in on a Monday morning, so it wasn’t too crowded and it was just “seat yourself.” The menu was your typical diner breakfast menu, omelets, waffles, corned beef hash.. etc. But, what resided at the very top of the menu was my reason for coming in: Pamela’s Crepe Hotcakes.

Pams Menu

They have a few varieties of these famous crepe style pancakes; banana walnut, blueberry, strawberry, and banana chocolate chip. The blueberry and strawberry pancakes have brown sugar and sour cream stuffed into them as well. I ordered the banana chocolate chip pancakes and coffee. The food came out lickety split, probably 5 minutes or less! Now, let me tell you this – if there is a way to inject crack in crepe style hotcakes, then Pamela’s has figured it out. First of all they were gigantic… Second, they were stuffed with chocolate chip and banana goodness; with whipped cream topping oozing out of each end… these things were awesome. Pamela’s crepe style pancakes also contain six mounds of butter, and they’re fluffy in the middle but get progressively crispy toward the edges.

Crepe HotcakesThe combination of chocolate chip and banana rolled up in a crepe pancake is totally divine! Prices are pretty good too – The crepe hotcakes were $6.75 plus another $1.50 for coffee. The only bummer about Pamela’s is that they take cash only.

Overall, Pamela’s is a standout. Lethally delicious, everything is prepared with butter, so leave your cholesterol numbers at the door and live a little. Their pancakes are just amazing and I would gather that they could not replicated anywhere else.

5527 Walnut St
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 683-1003
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1 Pam August 24, 2009 at 2:14 pm

I’ll have to try this place……great name! :~)


2 Michelle September 12, 2009 at 7:51 pm



3 Gary Weinberg September 12, 2009 at 7:54 pm



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