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Good Greasy Eats is a website focused on sharing restaurant experiences and enthusiasm through blogs and the online community. We bring together distinctive viewpoints of food bloggers, restaraunt reviewers, and the average Joe, combining these experiences together to share unbiased reviews of local restaurants in our community.


The Good Greasy Eats Crew

Gary Weinberg, founder of Good Greasy Eats is a film school drop out who won the record for eating the most Royales with Cheese in Berlin, Germany.  He is a self proclaimed foodie extraordinaire and is formally educated in cooking from watching Good Eats with Alton Brown on The Food Network. He also enjoys traveling all over the world to find good hot dogs.

SamanthaOSamantha Owens, Contributor – Samantha is a special kind of salsa. She is a soon-to-be business graduate from an over-priced university and is the smartest girl in her graduating class. She hopes to be astay-at-home mom when she grows up and can eat her body weight in Oreos and chicken wings. Samantha also enjoys interior design and setting up savings plans.

Garrett_profileGarrett Treager, Contributor – Able to stuff an entire peanut butter sandwich in his mouth at once and then immediately drink a gallon of milk to wash it down in one sitting, Garrett brings a unique perspective to Good Greasy Eats. A former professor at CarnegieMellon University, Garrett now works for the Pittsburgh Zoo and is in charge of cleaning out the orangutan cages.

Dr. LynDr. Lyn, M.D., Ship’s Surgeon -Dr. Lyn graduated from the American Medical School of the Caribbean and specializes in Cardiology and Gastrointestinal disorders. She is currently the medical adviser for Good Greasy Eats.



Jackpot the Bulldog- If he doesn’t eat it, it’s not worthy of being on this website anyway!


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